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Arrival Night in Beijing
As is customary with most International tours, participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the local city which serves as the base of operations. Our adventure begins and ends in Beijing, with hotel accommodations provided the night before Day 1 of our itinerary.

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Day 1: Beijing
Brunch orientation and tour introduction led by Wendy and Robert followed by a casual exploration of Tiananmen Square, which lies directly across from our hotel. An afternoon of sightseeing and shopping in the surrounding neighborhood eases us into our new surroundings. We cap the day with shared stories and ideas over a perfectly roasted Peking Duck at one of Beijing's signature venues for this regional specialty.

Days 2- 3: Beijing sightseeing
Exploration of the Great Wall and The Forbidden City, icons of Chinese culture and history. We devote a full day to each location, sequenced for optimal weather for our outdoor visit to The Great Wall.

Day 4: Travel to Yangshuo
A morning flight brings us to Guilin, followed by a brief chartered bus ride through spectacular countryside to our home for the next 5 days: the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat on the banks of the beautiful Yulong (Dragon) River. Relax with cocktails amidst bamboo trees and spectacular scenery, or venture off with Robert and Wendy on a nearby Village walk in search of photo opportunities. In the evening, we dine together on traditional regional cuisine at the resort's intimate restaurant.

Days 5-9: Yangshuo sightseeing
We spend 5 days exploring the spectacularly beautiful region of Yangshuo. Photo-guided walks of the karst pinnacle terrain and moon hill, and optional bicycle jaunts through quaint villages bring the charm of regional life to our tour. Accompany Wendy on a shopping exploration to West Street in downtown Yangshuo or opt for a cooking class with one of the region's great traditional chefs. We join as a group for an evening extravaganza at the Sanjie Liu Light Impressions Show on the Li River, created by the great cinematographer Zhang Yimou, the creative talent behind the opening ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Day 10: Longsheng
A chartered bus brings us to the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces in Longsheng. Home to the Yao Ethnic minority, this exquisite area provides ample opportunity for stunning photography and connection with a people still living a centuries-old culture.

Days 11-12: Sanjiang and Chang Lai Minority Villages
We continue to Sanjiang, home of the Dong Minority culture, for a day of village exploration and local festivities. Enjoy ample opportunities for photography, sampling of the local cuisine, and a glimpse into a way of life that is disappearing into modern times. After a restful night, we continue to the charming riverfront community of the Miao Minority culture just outside the small Guangxi city of Rongshui.

Days 13-15: Liuzhou
Outside of our tour group, you will be hard-pressed to find other Westerners in the charming city of Liuzhou. This is the "real" everyday China: a charming riverfront city that is still in transition from past to present. Among its share of skyscrapers and Western fashion venues is a city that has not yet lost its connection with the recent past. Stroll along street-side fruit vendors, cone-hatted bicycle haulers, and through one of the world's signature urban parks (called Longtan, or "Dragon's Pool"). We conclude our introduction to China with 3 days of exploration into Liuzhou's civic museums, roadside cafes, city parks, and the mysterious nearby Dule Caverns.

Day 16: Return to Beijing
A relaxing day of free touring time followed by an early evening flight to Beijing situates our travelers for their flights home. Bon Voyage (Yi Lu Ping An)!

    Guided Photography Tours China     Guided Photography Tours China     Guided Photography Tours China

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