Guided Photography Tours China
Discover a land diverse in local cultures, from the bustling modern markets of cosmopolitan centers to tranquil rural villages steeped in history and tradition. Great Tours of China connects travelers to life and culture by framing relaxed guided photography tours around a thoughtful appreciation for the culture, cuisine and scenic wonders of this ancient and exotic land. With an artistic eye and local expertise, Great Tours of China helps build lasting memories and enjoyment for our travelers within a full spirit of comfortable adventure.
Guided Photography Tours China

Wendy is a professional travel consultant and tour guide based in Guilin, Guangxi, with an in-depth knowledge of China, its people and culture. Wendy joins our guided photography tour as a local expert. She brings an enthusiasm and passion for travel coupled with a fondness for sharing her expertise and experiences with a diverse and cosmopolitan audience. Wendy's fluency in English, easy-going nature and reassuring command of any situation make her the perfect co-host for our upcoming tour, "Introduction to China".
Guided Photography Tours China

Create richer memories of your adventure while honing your photographic skills with expert guidance throughout the tour from one of the world's foremost location, architectural and travel photographers. Robert Pisano, whose work has appeared in numerous publications, galleries and museums across the world, loves to share the beauty of photography as a memory of culture and the people who built that culture. Robert is also an experienced birder and student of natural history, and has a discerning appreciation for world cuisine thereby adding even more dimension to your touring adventure.
Guided Photography Tours China
Introduction to China:
Beijing and Guangxi
16-Day China Excursion, Travel Dates Customized To Fit Your Schedule, Highlights Include:
Great Wall of China
Forbidden City
Wangfujing Market shopping
Tiananmen Square
Karst landscape photo tour
Optional cooking class
Liu San Jie Impressions Night Show
Bamboo boat ride on the Yulong River
Guilin Panorama from Yao Mountain
Longsheng Yao Village and Rice Terraces
Sanjiang Village and Dong Minority
Chang Lai Village and Miao Minority
Classic Chinese Parks and Gardens
City shopping and culinary tour
Dule Caverns
Longtan Park
Guided Photography Tours China
More excellent photos. I learn more about China from [Robert's] images than from almost any others source.
              -D.L., Albuquerque, New Mexico

What a delightful, friendly, competent, knowledgeable and hard-working young woman. Wendy looked after my wife and me for 5 days at the end of October and we had a wonderful time. Wendy thinks on her feet - my wife also appreciated the shopping expedition. Wendy was generous with her time and local knowledge and went out of her way to show her the clothing items she was interested in. Wendy allowed us to experience stress-free travel. Thank you, Wendy, for being so versatile. We had so many questions which you so competently answered about modern day life in China!
               - J.R., Wellington, New Zealand

Robert, so gorgeous... your photos capture the unearthly beauty of this place.
                                 -P.L., Seattle, WA

What a fabulous place, and your photographs capture the place at its best!
                                   - K.C., London, UK
 Guided Photography Tours China